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Chiropractic Accounting Services

Is THE #1 Accounting Firm in the Nation for Chiropractors

Taxes, Accounting and Financial Coaching for Chiropractors

Chiropractic business owners are completely unlike any other business owner in the entire world. Prior to being a Chiropractic only accounting firm we had a very successful business serving all different industries. E-commerce, service, sales, wineries, cell phone stores, manufacturing… you name it we have done it. So what makes Chiropractors different for us? Simply put, Chiropractors believe in and implement all our same principles and values.

We like to serve, we love our jobs, we believe in personal accountability and personal growth. We love what we do. JUST AS YOU DO. As a Chiropractic business owner you are exactly the same. You put your energy, heart and soul into serving your patients and making sure they live a life of health. Working exclusively with Docs is absolutely the best decision we could have ever made. There is a synchronicity and like-mindedness that fuels our business and yours. We love encouraging, believing and calling forth the very best in all aspects of your business and your life.

Bundled Services
Chiropractic Accounting Services


All services include monthly accounting.  We do not just do bookkeeping.  We file and pay sales tax, track revenue, Kpi’s, more CFO level services, we handle data integration, expense management as well as expense maximization.  If you have a set of books that is not pristine, don’t worry.  We will do all clean-up and get you back on the right track.  All our staff accountants have bachelor’s degrees in accounting, they are QuickBooks Certified & QuickBooks advanced certified.  If there is a problem with intuit, we handle the tech support calls.  The value in what we offer vs. what other “bookkeeping” services offer are proven by our work product.

I am so thankful and blessed to have them as my Accounting Team for my business ! My only regret is not finding them sooner! – Dr. Graham Kern


Too many Docs decide not to involve their CPA’s or Accountants in their financial decisions because they fear getting a bill to answer an email.  We offer a small flat-rate monthly advisory fee which allows you unlimited access for questions and financial advice.  We already meet with you quarterly but if you need more individual attention, our system is built for your success.  Want to know if you should lease a car vs. buy?  Having your personal home refinanced?  Need a loan?  Not sure if you should buy or lease a building?  How about another set of eyes on your financial contracts?  We help without sending you additional bills.  It’s like having an advisor/partner but without having to share equity.

You guys really are the real deal.  You up’d the game and have provided so much value and expertise to me and my team. Dr. Stanton Hom

Chiropractic Accounting Services
Chiropractic Accounting Services

TAX PREP- Individual & Business

We are not your typical accounting firm.  We do not accept clients off the street like your neighborhood accounting firm.  We are specialized with Chiropractic Tax Preparation, and we will handle your individual return and all that it includes.  You won’t have to worry about a tax prep bill from us once per year.  It is all included in your flat monthly rate.

I am so glad we found y’all. We have experienced much peace surrounding our finances even during this tumultuous covid time! – Dr Angie Fischer Artho


98% of the accounting firms in the US do not do Tax planning.  Why?  Because tax planning is an additional skillset, and it needs to be learned.  Each year, like you, we have continuing education credits we must complete.  But I assure you, they are teaching us tax code, Tax law and compliance, NOT tax planning.  We spend upwards of 60k a year to learn the best legal tax loopholes and strategies to legally reduce your tax liability.  This service includes implementation.  You needn’t worry about having to get all the steps correct, we help with that too.

Tax planning services we offer will give you the best ROI working with our firm.  On average, we can save you, the Chiropractor owner, $11,000.00 to $38,000.00 every year.  This skillset is another reason we are the #1 Accounting Firm in the nation for Chiropractors. 

I have such a higher level of clarity and understanding of my business from an accounting/tax perspective since switching over to you! Only CPA firm that I have been with that actually does tax planning strategies! Dr. Matt Morris

Chiropractic Accounting Services

Prices in Our Bundle Plans

  • Monthly Accounting: starting at $500.00 per month
  • Tax Preparation:
    • (1) Business Return
    • (1) Personal Return $250.00 per month
  • Advisory:  Starting at $200.00 Per month
  • Tax Plan & Implementation:  Starting at $360.00 per month

Thank you for providing an excellent level of service! I have such a higher level of clarity and understanding of my business from an accounting/tax perspective since switching over to you guys!

Dr. Matt Morris

"That’s amazing!!!! We are 1,000,000% grateful for your help! I love seeing those numbers!”

Dr. Tyler Lewis

“There are not many times in my life where I encounter business owners who bring their “A” game quite like I do.  You, Matt and your team brought that and then some.  You guys have surprised me on every level. You don’t even come close to the other accounting firms I have dealt with...."

Dr. Daniel Johnson

“I was so scared to hand over all my finances.  When I was finally ready I had 3 referrals from close friends and I was on my way to interviewing them when I found you.  You guys have made it so easy for me to let go and do what you do best.  I love that you wear so many hats and I have the advisors I need to really scale and build my business.  Thank you for all that you have done.  I am so excited for the future.”

Dr. Brandon Couchman

“Chiro Pro Accounting team have been my accountants for the past 10 years.  Both Matt and Jen go above and beyond.  The tax savings and guidance they give is everything you need for your Chiropractic Practice.  No other accounting firm will come close to these guys!"

Dr. Joe Ferrantelli

“You guys really are the real deal.  You up’d the game and have provided so much value and expertise to me and my team.  I have never even dreamed of the places I would be able to take my practice if it weren’t for you...

Dr. Stanton Hom

 “I am so thankful and blessed to have them as my Accounting Team for my business ! By far the best decision I’ve ever made for my business! My only regret is not finding them sooner! Don’t hesitate to hire them for your business!!!"

Dr. Graham Kern